Death Cab, Little Bribes video

2009 July 17

deathcab[1]Whenever you’re in the mood for upbeat, cheery, summertime-pop accompanied by a feel good music video, you just can’t go wrong with Death Cab for Cutie.

What?  No warm n’ fuzzies instilled in you by the thought of incinerated animated girlfriends, seeing the love of one’s life marry someone else, or obsessive stalker anthems?  OK.  To each their own.  But we dare you not to enjoy Death Cab’s Little Bribes and its video created by Ross Ching–a recent grad of San Diego State who put two weeks into this unsolicited stop-motion fan film, only to see it become the song’s official music video getting national airplay on mtvU and more.

We’re not saying they put a call into the Fountains of Wayne Hotline for this number, but we have been tapping our toes to it a lot more than most Death Cab songs that come along, and we like it.

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