New Jayhawks in the Fall

2011 June 16

I so don’t want to rush our precious Chicago summer away, that I hesitate to even think about anything that is happening beyond August.  However, a new Jayhawks album coming out in September will be a pretty sweet welcome into the fall season.

Check out the band’s brief description of what to expect from the upcoming Louris/Olson-led Mockingbird Time, including a complete track listing, at

Here’s a preview from the site.  Sounds like Gary Louris is on the mark when saying “This is a record for a true Jayhawks fan who loves Tomorrow The Green Grass.”  What do you think?

Sad Stuff on the Street

2011 June 8
by aj

I just learned about this site that I should be wasting time on,, while wasting time on HuffPo. It instantly reminded me of the scene I saw walking to work on the morning after Valentine’s Day. How epically sad is this?

UPDATE: They posted this pic on their site HERE.

PS–I’m back!  Whew, that was a posting drought alright.  I’ll try do better from now on.  Amen.

Hot Wheels In the Bedroom? Keep Your Shirt On

2011 January 27

Attention Ladies: From now on, if you happen to spot any strategically placed Hot Wheels around an adult male’s bedroom, you might want to keep your clothes on.

That was probably already good advice. But even more so now, unless you want to grab some great “action footage”. (I don’t judge.)

Maybe that says more about the warped way my mind works, but still. I’m just sayin’…

Via Super Punch

Better Together PB&J Tee Open to Voting on Threadless!

2011 January 27

It’s officially in the running!!!  Please please please take a moment and score this baby.  It will help put real live PB&Js in the mouths of my kids!  And would be a great gift for the one you love, or for your kids, or to wear to the next Peter Bjorn and John concert…  Thank you!

Score it with a 5$ and email me that you did.  If it gets printed, I’ll give up to at least 15 people who do a free tee!

Thanks again!

Score this design: “Better Together,” to help it get printed on Threadless!

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